The hero and producer V Devaraj a columnist in a newspaper, theatre actor when he was child, dancer in cultural shows comes up with new position today as hero.

When Devaraj expressed his interest to acting, he did not get favorable response. He worked in night shift and appeared in street plays. With the help of his friends he has collected Rs.60 lakhs and produced this film.

The protagonist Devaraj is a narrator of a love story and it is such a coincidence that it is similar to co passenger in the travel. The female protagonist is like a pigeon but the male protagonist is an open book. Without touching the heroine falling in love is what special in this film. The message and ideologies are told in humor touch.

Dev Rangabhumi has not come overnight to the field of cinema. He has loads of experience in theatre. He has acted in many stage plays. This experience is his original strength for the film. He has been writing for small screen serials. He made a nice analysis on how it should be his film. For Gini Helida Kathe he has put in day and night effort and his sincere hard effort is there to fetch results.

Generally when there is a mistake, it is pointed out seriously, the result is bad and lead to various complications. When the same mistake is told in lighter vein the effect is totally different. The protagonist in this film takes up the serious issues rather very cool and handles it.

It is not in a regular format to come before the audience. It has put in effort to conquer the hearts without any doubt. The four years effort of Dev, his concern, dedication, hard work is put in for ‘Gini Helida Kathe’.

Geethanjali heroine of the film is a traditional girl and she is a teacher. It is my proud privilege to be part of this film says pretty girl Geethanjali who is facing both happiness and some sort of fear for release of the film ‘Gini Helida Kathe’.

A talkative Geethanjali has started observing the films made with care. Earlier she was not like that. She was frankly passing comments before becoming an actor. Now being a part of a big team and knowing the difficulty of the film she has learnt a great lesson. She is a silent and strict college finished girl in real life. For the teacher role she has learnt about the behaviors of her role to take up the role.

Geethanjali is Amrutha. She is affectionately called as ‘Ammu’. She had a doubt who is the producer of the film but one day she got it cleared and it was only when Dev expressed it. 

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